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Foundation and Focus on Marble

<p>HASUN™ Quartzite was founded in 1995 with a clear focus on manufacturing high-quality marble countertops and vanity tops for the kitchen and bathroom sectors. Our initial factory was set up with the goal of producing premium stone products, leveraging the rich natural resources and skilled craftsmanship available locally.</p>


Establishment of Marble Import Division

<p>In 2000, recognizing the growing demand for diverse and high-quality marble, HASUN™ expanded its operations by establishing its own Marble Import Division. This new arm of the business was responsible for importing fine marble from renowned global sources, thereby enhancing our product offerings and strengthening our presence in the domestic market.</p>


Launch of Export Division

<p>With our domestic foundations strong and growing, 2005 marked the beginning of our Export Division. This strategic move allowed HASUN™ to directly engage with international clients and take on factory orders from abroad. It was a significant step towards becoming a global player in the natural stone market.</p>


Diversification into Natural Quartzite

<p>The year 2010 was a turning point for HASUN™ as we began importing natural quartzite stone from Brazil and India, among other countries. This diversification allowed us to cater to evolving market trends and preferences, particularly in the use of more durable and aesthetically unique stone materials.</p>


Major Expansion in Quartzite Imports and Sales

<p>By 2015, HASUN™ had significantly ramped up its import and sales operations for natural quartzite stone. This period of major expansion was characterized by the establishment of strong partnerships with foreign real estate developers and stone distributors. These collaborations were instrumental in scaling up our production and export capacities, reinforcing HASUN™ Quartzite’s reputation as a leading supplier in the global market.</p>


A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

<p>Today, HASUN™ Quartzite stands as a testament to decades of quality, innovation, and growth. From our humble beginnings in 1995 to becoming a major player on the global stage, we have continuously adapted and expanded our operations to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices ensures that we will continue to lead and innovate in the natural stone industry for years to come.</p>